It is a progression system based on gaining experience. By increasing the levels of experience we will receive unique rewards. The cost of a season pass is 1000 Yang. If we activated the pass at a later stage of the game, we will receive all the rewards for the previous levels. 

  • It is possible to activate the pass on a new character while disabling the previous character.
  • The pass may be transferred once in three months.
Level Prize
1-300 1 point yin
10 3 Skill Scrolls
30 3 Experience Scrolls
50 10 Yin points
80 3 Skill Scrolls
100 Scroll of advanced chakra nature
130 3 Experience Scrolls
150 10 Yin points
180 3 Skill Scrolls
200 Scroll of advanced chakra nature
230 3 Experience Scrolls
250 10 Yin points
280 3 Skill Scrolls
300 Scroll of advanced chakra nature
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