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The Colosseum is an arena where we can take on one of three available challenges. The arena belongs to En Oyashiro, who rewards us for struggling with items and ryo. Death interrupts the challenge.

  • Exiting the arena area cancels the challenge.
  • Teleportations in the arena are disabled.
  • Arena fights are available from level 150.
  • The level of difficulty of arena battles depends on the starting challenge.

Challenge One: Survive.

You get to the center of the arena and the time of five minutes is turned on. At this point, waves of enemies will appear in the arena, who are becoming stronger with each wave. Surviving until the end of time will award all ward members with an award. Reward: 2 Battle Points.

Second Challenge: Dominate.

You get to the center of the arena, where each wave is getting stronger, and carries a random boss adapted to your level. Killing the Boss counts the tide. Completing ten waves gives you victory. The challenge lasts a maximum of ten minutes. Reward: 3 Battle Points.

Third challenge: Kill.

After hitting the center of the arena time is turned on. Your task is to kill 300 enemies in three minutes. Reward: 1 Battle Point.