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Loss of consciousnes

Losing our character's health has the effect of losing consciousness. If we are not cured for the allotted time, we will end up in hospital. This rule does not apply to PvP, where after a while we regain consciousness.

Killing a character for items

Killing another person in PvP is possible when the victim loses consciousness. For the effect to work, one of the requirements must be met, such as a 24-5 in night , fraud prophecy, Akatsuki organization or other effects of techniques / items.


Age is the value acquired while in the game. It stops by default for 21 years, unless prohibited techniques (Shiki Fujin, Gedo Rinne) are used, or we reach the world of the dead via PvP. The use of prohibited techniques re-activates the age counter after acquiring 21 years. If the meter reaches 80 years, we will die of old age getting to the world of the dead.

World of the dead

This is the place where shinobi goes because of exceeding the age limit or receiving fatal injuries. While in the world of the dead, they lose touch with reality, unable to communicate with others.

Hagoromo Otsutsuki is the Sage of the Six Paths, thanks to which we have the opportunity to learn specialization techniques Ninshuu. However, we do not have to choose her to leave the world of the dead. It can set us free when we are reincarnation of Ashura or Indra.

If his offer is rejected, we must wait to be revived using specific techniques, such as:

-Edo Tensei - Forbidden technique KinJutsu, which returns the character to the world of the living in an immortal form, which does not take chakra for techniques. However, we cannot use items or perform missions, and our character is limited to PvP.

-Gedo Rinne Tense - Technique from Rinnegan that brings the character to life.