These are special tasks that involve eliminating a group of enemies and killing the main boss of the event. Each event after its completion receives a cooldown of 15 minutes. For each event we get 5% of the experience needed for the next level, and one random item that is within 20 experience levels from the dungeon level.

Coastal Cave (up to level 25)

Fire Dojo (up to level 50)

Sound prison (up to level 75)

Temple of Fire (up to level 100)

Mountain of three volves (up to level 125)

Mountain graveyard (up to level 150)

Sunken Temple (up to level 175)

Tomb (up to level 190)

NinJutsu Temple (up to level 190)

Moon Palace (up to level 200)

Cathedral of Demons (up to level 220)

Otsutsuki Castle (up to 235 level)

Hozukijo Castle (up to 250 level)

Shumisen Mountain (up to 260 level)

Orochimaru Laboratory (up to level 275)

Kara Hideout (up to level 300)

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