This is all about basic damage values, calculating the attack value, and the impact of the value on the gameplay.

Non-physical damage

(Lvl NinJutsu * 100) + (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 100). 

Physical damage

Depending on which level (TaiJutsu / KenJutsu) we have higher, we will deal additional damage.: Lvl Tai/Ken * 100

Distance Damage

Lvl BukiJutsu * 100

Barrier regeneration

Formula: (Maximum barrier / 10) every 5 seconds out of combat.

Energy regeneration

Formula: (Lvl TaiJutsu) + (Lvl KenJutsu) + (Lvl BukiJutsu) every 3 seconds.

Health regeneration

Every second out of combat. Regenerating health while consuming food regenerates health during combat.


Formula: Level * 150.


Formula: Lvl NinJutsu + Lvl Kekkei Genkai.


Formula: 300 + Lvl TaiJutsu + Lvl KenJutsu + Lvl BukiJutsu

Chakra Regeneration

Formula: (Lvl NinJutsu) + (Lvl Kekkei Genkai) every 3 seconds.

NPC Health Regeneration

Formula: (Max health / 500) every 5 seconds.

NPC Damage

Formula: Damage - (Defence)

Max blocked damage: 30%.

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