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This is an advanced clan whose story is based on sacrifice and dedication to the village. 

Factor 1: Non-physical damage increased by (Level * 150) points.

Factor 2: Chance for dodge increased by (Level * 0.2)%.

Non-physical damage is increased by (Lvl Raiton * 150) points. The penitent's prophecy loses its effect.

Icon Name Description Chakra W/C Range

We set a specific target that we will copy for the next 10 seconds. In case the target uses any technique, we will also copy it using it.

Original effect: Copying takes 30 seconds.

100 0/15 10

We charge the steps with lightning, causing us to hurt all objects in range while making a move, dealing (Lvl Raiton * 250) damage. For 5 attacks.

100 0/5 2

Selecting the next target will take you to it, and then deal (Lvl Raiton * 350) damage to objects within 5 meters.

150 0/5 15
Raiju Tsuiga

We send three Raiton discharges to a specific place, which will deal (Lvl Raiton * 350) damage to objects within 3 meters.

80 0/3 Max

Create a wall in a specific place, which within 5 meters will disable damage to all opponents.

100 0/5 5
Raiton Bunshin

We emit lightning chakra around us, causing each dodge to trigger an electric discharge, dealing (Lvl Raiton * 500) damage to objects within 3 meters.

50/sec 0/5 15