Naruto New World English Wiki

It's a system of intelligent NPCs who have their own experience level that scales their stats. Heroes gain their experience level by gaining experience just like we do. Their behavior varies according to morality. Some hunt other shinobi, others help us in battle. Their level resets every year of game time. The elitism of heroes is always at the standard level. They drop their special items. Killing them lowers their experience bar. Each intelligent NPC also has a level of sympathy towards us.

  • The hero, when killing a shinobi, steals one of his items (Weapon, Pants, Outfit, Headgear) and then stores it. Killing a Hero will drop one of the ten stolen items. Killing a hero takes the experience gained by him to the next level.
  • The hero has his own patience. If we attack Hero three times, he will attack us. The exceptions are situations in which the Hero is negative towards us - then patience is automatically turned off.
  • The hero will change the terrain with us during the chase, if he is close enough.
  • We can invite Hero to the team. Depending on the level of sympathy, he has a chance to agree or refuse and attack us. Being with the Hero in the team, we receive experience for the enemies killed by him, and he for the enemies killed by us. We are then immune to each other.
  • Hero's reaching the next level of experience with our help increases the level of sympathy by one point. Losing patience or killing a Hero lowers your sympathy by one point.
  • We can trade with Hero by selling loot to him. Each loot sold increases the sympathy level by one point.

Morality determines the level of sympathy with which the chosen hero starts towards us. In the case of positive morality it is 50%, while in the case of negative morality it is 20%. The hero attacks us automatically if the sympathy is below 30%.

Appearance Name Morality Liking Items
Boruto Positive +10 [Uzumaki Clan]

-50 [Kara]

[LVL 30] Boruto Jacket

[LVL 50] Lightsaber

Sarada Positive +10 [Uchiha Clan]

-50 [Kara]

[LVL 30] Sarada's glasses

[LVL 50] Sarada's outfit

Kawaki Positive +30 [Naruto ninja way]

-50 [Kara]

[LVL 30] Kawaki's shirt

[LVL 50] Kawaki's Hand

Tohka Negative +30 [Pain ninja way]

+20 [Akatsuki]

-20 [Mecha specialization]

-30 [Mecha Body]

[LVL 30] Astral Dress

[LVL 50] Sandalphon

[LVL 80] Astral Gem

Shikamaru Positive +30 [Nara Clan]

+20 [Konoha and Suna Village]

-20 [Other Village]

-30 [JuJutsu Mastery]

[LVL 30] Kunai Shikamaru

[LVL 50] Shikamaru Vest

Ino Positive +30 [Yamanaka Clan]

+20 [Konoha and Suna Village]

-20 [Other Village]

-30 [JuJutsu Mastery]

[LVL 30] Senbon Ino

[LVL 50] Ino's Outfit

Choji Positive +30 [Akimichi Clan]

+20 [Konoha and Suna Village]

-20 [Other Village]

-30 [JuJutsu Mastery]

[LVL 30] Chouji's Armor

[LVL 50] Chouji's Shawl

TenTen Positive +30 [Maito Gai ninja way]

+20 [BukiJutsu Mastery]

-20 [TessenJutsu Mastery]

-30 [Akatsuki]

[LVL 30] TenTen Sweater

[LVL 50] Mace

Rock Lee Positive +30 [Maito Gai ninja way]

+20 [TaiJutsu Mastery]

-20 [Sabaku Clan]

-30 [Akatsuki]

[LVL 30] Rock Lee Hoodie

[LVL 50] Rock Lee Shoulder Guard

Neji Positive +30 [Maito Gai ninja way]

+20 [Hyuuga Clan]

-20 [Arachnea Mastery]

-30 [Akatsuki]

[LVL 30] Neji's Jacket

[LVL 50] Neji's outfit

Gaara Negative +30 [Jinchuuriki]

+20 [Sabaku Clan]

-20 [TaiJutsu Specialization]

-30 [Akatsuki]

[LVL 30] Gaara's Cloak

[LVL 50] Gaara's Spear

Kankurou Negative +20 [Clan Sabaku]

-20 [Clan Aburame]

-30 [Akatsuki]

[30 LVL] Karasu

[50 LVL] Kuroari

Code Negative -100 [Boruto ninja way]

-100 [Kawaki ninja way]

-100 [Jiraiya ninja way]

-100 [Naruto ninja way]

-100 [Sasuke ninja way]

-100 [Momoshiki ninja way]

[LVL 30] Code shoes

[LVL 50] Code Vest