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The Inuzuka clan is famous for its excellent cooperation with dogs, thanks to which they can be great fighters on their four-legged pets. 

Factor 1: Physical damage increased by (Level * 50) points.

Factor 2: Max energy increased by (Level * 5) points.

We can buy a dog from a clan trainer. Each dog attack regenerates 10% of maximum health. Techniques work with active, free summoning. Physical damage is increased by (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 150) points. Every third physical attack in a row heals 30% of current health.

Icon Name Description Energy W/C Range

We detect how much our opponents have health by increasing movement and attack speed by (Lvl Kekkei Genkai) ms. Each physical attack causes bleeding on the enemy, taking (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 150) health every second for 5 seconds.

10/sec 0/5 1
141 (1).png

We send the vortex with the dog to a specific place, dealing (Physical damage) + (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 250) damage.


0/5 15
142 (1).png

We choose three targets which we will throw with the dog, dealing (Physical damage) + (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 350) damage, appearing next to the opponent. You can have the same target.

30 0/5 15

Together with the dog, destroy the area around us, dealing (Physical damage) + (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 500) damage.

50 0/5 15

We join forces with the dog, increasing the maximum health by (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 350) points.

20/sec 0/5 1
Santoro (1).png

To use, we must have Sotoro active. We increase the bond with the dog by increasing physical damage by (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 250) points.

Original Effect: Inuzuka Clan techniques do not require active summon.

30/sec 0/5 1