Persons that have tailed beasts sealed within them. They can use Bijuu Mode to increase their combat skills.

How to become Jinchuuriki

Method 1

  • Upon defeating Bijuu we have 0.3% chance to become his Jinchuuriki, if not taken by other players.

Method 2

  • Killer Bee can help us through performing a Bijuu ritual on us, at the cost of 100 Bijuu Chakra scroll. It has 50% chances to be successful. Succeed ritual will grant us random Bijuu, if not taken by other players.

After being inactive for 100 in-game days, our Bijuu will be lost, being able to capture again.

Bijuu Will

Another method of being able to use Bijuu Mode, which negates negative effects like Fury, and can't be taken from us.

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