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Persons that have tailed beasts sealed within them. They can use Bijuu Mode to increase their combat skills.

How to become Jinchuuriki[]

Method 1[]

  • Upon defeating Bijuu we have 0.3% chance to become his Jinchuuriki, if not taken by other players.

Method 2[]

  • Killer Bee can help us through performing a Bijuu ritual on us, at the cost of 100 Bijuu Chakra scroll. It has 50% chances to be successful. Succeed ritual will grant us random Bijuu, if not taken by other players.

After being inactive for 100 in-game days, our Bijuu will be lost, being able to capture again.

Bijuu Will[]

Another method of being able to use Bijuu Mode, which negates negative effects like Fury, and can't be taken from us.