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Juinjutsu -  to learn and use the Cursed Seal techniques, you need the Cursed Seal on. Cursed Seal techniques works with Mutation .

  • Orochimaru places a cursed seal on eminent individuals who agree to serve him, taking the role of Sound Four.
  • JuinJutsu training takes place at Otogakure with Kabuto.
Icon Name Description Chakra W/C Range
Ten no Juin

Stage One (Mutation minimum 50%) : We release the power of the seal, increasing damage by (Mutation * 50), maximum chakra and energy by (Mutation).

Stage Two (Mutation minimum 100%) : We develop the power of the seal by increasing the regeneration of chakra and energy by (Mutation).

Mode * 50 /sec 0/5 1
Jagei Jubaku

We paralyze objects participating in the fight for (Mutation / 10) seconds, causing the attempt to inflict damage during paralysis to take (Mutation)% of their current health.


2/15 5

Use the cursor to create three Rashomon gates that block the passage for (Mutation) seconds. If we put them next to us or our allies, and they are to receive any damage, they will bounce back into the attacker.

150 5/60 Max
Mandara no Jin

We send ahead a herd of snakes, 5 meters wide, which, when they touch the target, will paralyze it for (Mutation / 10) seconds, and inject poison, taking (Mutation)% of the current health for the next (Mutation) seconds.

100 1/15 15

We impose a chakra flow block on the selected target, blocking the use of techniques and taking (Mutation) chakra/s from his body until the P button is pressed.

300 3/15 3
Chi no Juin

Stage Two Required.

Stage Three (Mutation minimum 300%) : We develop the power of the seal, increasing the chance to criticize, dodge and block by (Mutation / 10)%.

100/sec 0/5 1