Kama, is a seal, which we can gain through killing Otsutsuki Clan Bosses or also can be given to us by an Otsutsuki Clan Player. After killin an Otsutsuki Clan Boss there is 1% chance of gaining random Kama, which can't be taken off after activation. To gain higher level of our Kama, we need to kill Otsutsuki Clan Bosses, 1 point for every killed Boss. Every level of Kama decreases our Max HP and HP regeneration by 1%. Upon activation we gain same Otsutsuki Host who, we killed when we gain Kama. 

After gaining 30 level of Kama, we gain access to Otsutsuki Chakra. Every 15 seconds our Kama will absorb next non-physical damage, causing that we block them, and attach their (Power / 100) to our barrier for 5 seconds.

After gaining 50 level of Kama our Second Clan will be replaced by Otsutsuki permanently, We activate Otsutsuki Host Bonus.

Upon 70 level of Kama our Otsutsuki Host Bonus is extended by 30 seconds.

At 100 level of Kama Otsutsuki Host take over our body, this causes to block access to our character.


Icon Name Description
Life Increase lifesteal on all damage by (Lvl Kama / 10)% damage value.

(Lvl Kama / 5)% of the value of physical damage is attached to non-physical damage.

Balance When falling below 30%  chakra, we lose 50% of maximum health, regaining all chakra. Once every 15 - (Lvl Kama / 20) seconds.

Killing any enemy will regenerate 1/3 of your maximum health and chakra. Once every 1 5 - (Lvl Kama / 20) seconds.


(Lvl Kama / 5)% physical damage is attached to distance damage.


If you go below 30% health, you lose 90% of the  maximum chakra, regaining all health. Once every 15 - (Lvl Kama / 20)  seconds.

Snake Mutation is increased by (Lvl Kama * 3)% . Falling below 50% health increases your mutation tolerance by (Lvl Kama * 5)% .
Nature Natural damage is increased by (Lvl Kama * 35) points. Killing any enemy regenerates (Lvl Kama / 3) natural energy.
Soul Our attacks regenerate the barrier with the value of (Lvl Kama / 10)% of the damage value. 
Echo Attack speed increases by (Lvl Kama * 5) ms. Killing any enemy increases your movement speed.
Wigor Physical damage is increased by (Current Energy). Maximum energy increases by (Lvl Kama * 5) points.
Demon The chance of becoming Jinchuuriki increases by (Lvl Kama)% . Damage increases by (Bijuu Control * 350).


Kawaki can teach us Kama jutsus. Kama is required to use them.

Icon Name Description Chakra W/C Range
Kama Rift Require 10 level of Kama. Teleports us with objects in the range of 2 metres, to random dimension. 300 3/10 2
Tsurane Require 20 level of Kama. Increases damage of our allies in the range of 3 metres by (Lvl Kama * 35) points for 15 seconds. 150 0/30 3
Kama Require 40 level of Kama. We strengthen our damage by increasing it by (Lvl Kama * 50) points. 100/sec 0/5 1
Chikara Require 60 level of Kama. Our next physical attack will trigger an explosion that engulfs objects within 15 meters, dealing (Lvl Kama * 50) damage to them. 100 0/5 15
Host Require 80 level of Kama. We trigger a Kama explosion, dealing (Lvl Kama * 80) damage to objects within 30 meters. 350 3/15 30
Shiki Require 90 level of Kama. The patron's strength increases twice, causing each target to move to it, unleashing Kama's power, dealing (Lvl Kama * 50) damage. Can be used every two seconds. 150/sec 0/5 Max
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