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Kama, or in other words tattoos, is a secret power obtained when killing members of the Otsutsuki clan. There is a minimal chance of activating a random Kama when killing an Otsutsuki clan member. Kama can no longer be removed once activated. If activated, each kill of an Otsutsuki Clan member advances Kama's skill path by 10 points. Activating Kama grants us a patron, depending on which Otsutsuki we killed to obtain Kama.

Each level of Kama reduces our maximum health by 1% and its regeneration by 1% if we have Kama. Maximum health loss is 50%.

After gaining 30 level of Kama, we gain access to Otsutsuki Chakra. Every 15 seconds our Kama will absorb next non-physical damage, causing that we block them, and attach their (Power / 10) to our barrier for 5 seconds.

After gaining 50 level of Kama our Second Clan will be replaced by Otsutsuki permanently, We activate Otsutsuki Host Bonus.

Upon 70 level of Kama our Otsutsuki Host Bonus is extended by 30 seconds.

At 350 Kama level, the patron takes over our body, blocking access to the character. The takeover takes place when you get to the world of the dead.

Kama's full potential is unlocked through Izuna's training. Through the ancient knowledge of the origin of tattoos under the default name - Kama, Izuna is able to teach us its full potential - but it requires hell dust.


Icon Name Description
Life Increase lifesteal on all damage by (Lvl Kama / 30)% damage value.

(Lvl Kama / 15)% of the value of physical damage is attached to non-physical damage.

Balance When falling below 30% chakra, we lose 50% of maximum health, regaining all chakra. Once every 15 - (Lvl Kama / 40) seconds.

Killing any enemy will regenerate 1/3 of your maximum health and chakra. Once every 15 - (Lvl Kama / 40) seconds.


(Lvl Kama / 15)% physical damage is attached to distance damage.


If you go below 30% health, you lose 90% of the  maximum chakra, regaining all health. Once every 15 - (Lvl Kama / 40)  seconds.

Snake Mutation is increased by (Lvl Kama * 15)% . Falling below 50% health increases your mutation tolerance by (Lvl Kama * 5)% .
Nature Natural damage is increased by (Lvl Kama * 30) points. Maximum natural energy is increased by (Lvl Kama) points.
Soul Our attacks regenerate the barrier with the value of (Lvl Kama / 30)% of the damage value. 
Echo Attack speed cap is increased by (Lvl Kama)ms. Attack speed increases by (Lvl Kama * 3)ms. Killing any enemy increases your movement speed by 3m/s.
Wigor Physical damage is increased by (Lvl Kama * 30). Maximum energy increases by (Lvl Kama) points.
Demon The chance of becoming Jinchuuriki increases by (Lvl Kama / 10)% . Bijuu's maximum Control level is increased by (Lvl Kama / 3) level.
Victim We're removing the patron effect and the health drain and regeneration from higher Kama levels. We block overwriting with the Otsutsuki clan.
Depth Non-Physical damage is increased by (Lvl Kama * 30). We have a 10% chance to heal ourselves from damage taken.
Anger Dealing damage grants us for (Lvl Kama / 10) seconds immunity to the blocking of health regeneration, energy, chakra, reduction of stats and disabling modes.
Harmony The barrier is increased by (Lvl Kama / 20)% of the maximum health, and the maximum health is increased by (Lvl Kama / 20)% of the maximum barrier.
Eyes Ranged damage is increased by (Lvl Kama * 30). Chance to critical attack, dodge, block, and accuracy increases by (Lvl Kama / 30)%.
Steel Armor is increased by (Lvl Kama * 30). Armor penetration increases by (Lvl Kama / 5)%.
Time The age limit increases by (Lvl Kama / 5) years. Experience gained increases by (Age)%.
Null Every second of combat increases our stats by 1%. Maximum (Lvl Kama / 5)%.
Pain Every 5% of health lost increases our damage by (Lvl Kama * 5).


Kawaki can teach us Kama jutsus. Kama is required to use them.

Icon Name Description Chakra W/C Range
Kama Rift Kama level 10 required. We create a dimension breach by teleporting ourselves and objects within two meters to a random dimension. 100 3/60 2
Tsurane Kama level 20 required. We amplify the damage of allies within 3 meters for the next 15 seconds, increasing it by (Lvl Kama + 350) points. 150 0/60 3
Kama Kama level 40 required. We amplify our damage by increasing it by (Lvl Kama + 350) points for the next 10 seconds. 150 0/30 1
Chikara Kama level 60 required. Our next physical attack will trigger an explosion that will consume objects within 15 meters, dealing (Lvl Kama + 2350) damage to them. 150 0/20 15
Patron Kama level 80 required. Trigger a Kama blast, dealing to objects within 10 meters (Lvl Kama + 3250) damage. 350 3/60 10
Shiki Kama level 90 required. They appeared at the target unleashing Kama's strength, dealing (Lvl Kama + 4500) damage. 300 3/60 Max
Karada Kama level 130 required. We focus our next physical attack on a selected point of the body, causing the opponent to be torn to pieces when he is below 30% of his maximum health. 350 0/60 1
Jinkaku Kama level 180 required. Using this technique while unconscious will result in regaining consciousness and full health. While the technique is active, if you end up in the world of the dead, the technique turns off, canceling your entry into the world of the dead. 150/sec 3/60 1
Kontororu Kama level 230 required. Loss of health and regeneration per Kama level is disabled. We activate the patron's effect, which remains active until the technique is turned off. 150/sec 3/60 1
Jokyu Akuma Kama level 300 required. We surrender to our inner voices, giving ourselves over to something higher, much beyond our understanding. Maximum health and barrier decrease by 50%, while damage increases by (Kamy Lvl * 50) points. We penetrate objects and our projectiles avoid obstacles. 350/sec 5/60 1
Hoshi Kama level 350 required. We direct all the demonic power into our crumbling hands, feeling them lose 5% of their durability every second, increasing our damage by (Character Power), and regenerating with each attack (Character Power) health. 250/sec 5/60 1