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Kugutsu  - thanks to the skill of using puppets, we are able to perfectly use them offensively as well as defensively.

Factor 1: Distance damage increased by (Level * 100) points.

Factor 2: Max health increased by (Level * 200) points.

Puppet attacks train our Kugutsu level. Distance damage is increased by (Lvl Kugutsu * 100). Each level of Kugutsu increases the summoned puppets maximum health and their damage by (Lvl Kugutsu * 150). Puppets trigger a special skill every third attack.

Icon Name Description Chakra W/C Range

We summon the Karasu puppet. Her special ability is to paralyze the target object for three seconds and deal triple damage to them.

10 0/10 1

We summon a Sanschouo puppet. Her special ability is the cover, increasing our armor and barrier by 50% for 10 seconds.


0/10 5
III Kazekage

We summon the 3 Kazekage puppet. Her special ability is poison, taking (Distance Damage) + (Lvl Kugutsu * 250) health every second for 5 seconds.

30 0/10 5

We summon three Chikamatsu puppets. Their special ability is a vortex that attracts enemies and deals (10000 / meters) damage.

50 0/10 Max
Hyakki no Sōen

We summon (Current chakra / 100) puppets who fight on our side.

Original Effect: Counter changed to (Current Chakra / 50).

500 10/60 1

We summon the Sasori puppet. Her special ability is transfer to the target. Thanks to the built-in wings, it appears immediately at the enemy and has 500ms attack speed.

100 0/10 5