Each side mission grants us 10 blank scrolls. We also get a random chest and a random power item. Completing a side mission increases our legend level by one level.

We divide missions into three types. There are story missions that are based on the original story of the Naruto manga, side missions containing your own story and fillers,  daily missions that are daily rotating tasks, depending on our experience level, and escort missions , consisting in escorting a specific person to a designated place.

Suggested level Mission giver Mission description
E rank missions are available to all shinobi.
1 Jiraiya

The Toad sage is looking for new talents that he will train to become strong shinobi.

1 Shizune

Help with the work on the farm collecting crops.

1 Hanabi

Udon is terrified of spiders. Show him that fear must be fought.

1 Kiba

Kiba's dog Akamaru is missing.

2 Konohamaru

There is a group in the academy that makes other students' lives difficult.

2 Ichiraku Ramen

The surrounding forests of the Land of Fire are full of dangerous wolves. Keep the village safe and deliver Teuchi raw meat at the same time.

2 Hanabi

The Hanabi cat is missing. The last place he was spotted is the Konoha Gate.

3 Konohamaru

Konohamaru is fed up with his master - Ebisu. Through severe punishments and constant pressure on the boy, he is fed up and does not want to learn.

3 Chouji

The courier who was supposed to deliver a package of food for Chouji has disappeared somewhere. Investigate the matter and return the package.

4 Merchant

The merchant was attacked by a group of thugs along one of the eastern roads.

5 Rock Lee

Prove to Rock Lee by proving you are persistent by hitting training dumies 50 times within 30 seconds.

6 Tazuna

Tazuna decided to teach us how to fish. Get a fishing rod and then catch 30 fish at the east bridge.

8 Itachi

Itachi has offered to help you with your training. Your task will be to hunt a huge bull.

10 Shizune

Two dangerous ninja, Fuijin and Raijin, have been reported to have escaped from a blood prison. The last trail leads east to the land of fire, where they could hide in one of the caves.

10 Ichiraku Ramen

Teuchi needs snake venom samples to complete his project. To do this, explore the eastern ruins and kill the snakes.

15 Hayate

Konoha is endangered not only from the military side, but also from the fauna and flora. The surrounding animals are often wild and aggressive, which endangers the safety of the village.

17 Ritoru

Snow fauna and flora in the vicinity of Shiro Gakure make themselves felt. In order for travel routes to be safe, the area must be cleared of snow wolves.

20 Kurenai

The shipping lines are under attack along the road to the Land of the Cloud. This is not a fugitive but something hiding in the northern ruins of an old prison.

25 Killer Bee

The turtle island is swarming with larvae whose cells have amazing healing abilities. They can be useful for treating animals, but you need to do some research first.

25 Kurenai

In recent months, residents have disappeared from the village under mysterious circumstances. Kurenai needs clues and a final solution to the case of the strange disappearances.

28 Shizune

Inhabitants of the land of fire complain about the constant libations of war veterans who spend their time in forest houses next to the crossing roads.

30 Kurenai

Enemy sound shinobi units have been spotted near the northern borders of the Land of Fire. Farmers are chased from their farms by enemy units.

30 Killer Bee

Paradise Island is a place of peace for all wildlife. Frequent attacks and robberies by pirates disturb this peace, having a hideout somewhere on a paradise island.

D rank missions are available from Genin rank.
30 Suigetsu

It is rumored that one of the Swordmasters is hiding in the Fire Dojo, where he keeps his rare sword. Such a person should not appropriate such a powerful weapon for himself, which is why Suigetsu was interested in it.

35 Suigetsu

One of Orochimaru's experiments, Arashi, lost control of himself. He is currently in the canals of the village of Sound, but must be liquidated so that he does not pose a threat.

38 Ibiki

The mine on the borders of the Land of Fire is a strategic point of the whole country, which is responsible for the income from the extraction of raw materials. Recently, however, our plans have been discovered, and hired mercenaries have appeared on the scene wanting to interrupt us.

40 Ibiki

One of the prisoners - the same one who wanted to use you at the very beginning of the adventure escaped from prison and then set off towards the Suna Gakure deserts. Track him down and then take your revenge.

45 Juugo

Held in prison, he thinks he won't hurt other people. However, he is trying to find an antidote that can be obtained from the bodies of mutants.

45 Juugo

There are many shinobi souls around the tomb who died long ago in defense of these lands. They should be paid due homage and sent to their eternal rest.

45 Kakuzu

There was a fairly good sum on Chiriku's head that interested Kakuzu. He doesn't want to deal with Hidan on this mission, so he offered a deal.

45 Anko

One grass shinobi hideout was discovered in the land of fire. We should use the element of surprise and attack as soon as possible.

50 Killer Bee

All the animals on the island have rebelled and are trying to flee the island and resist. You have to fight off attacks and find the one responsible for all the fuss - the ostrich ninja.

50 Konan

After Yahiko's death, no one answered for the crime committed. The high-ranking governor of the rain village, Hanzou, was guarded by troops of the rain village in his palace. It's time to get revenge.

50 Asuma

We were asked to undergo training with one of the cadets who came to us from the temple of fire - Sora. He has a problem with mastering the chakra that sits in him, so Asuma hopes that we will be able to convince the boy.

C rank missions are available from Chunin rank.
55 Asuma

One of the last surviving former members of the 12 guards of ninja, Furido, he now holds a leading position as leader of Jashin's followers. He must be liquidated before his influence moves further, endangering other shinobi.

60 Danzou

The Uchiha clan rebellion is just a matter of time. You must act quickly until the enemy thinks you know everything. For everything to go smoothly, Shisui must be eliminated.

60 Kabuto

I'm planning great things in the future. But to do this, I need Nagato's genetic material ... go to the orphan crypt in Amegakure and steal it.

60 Anko

One of Akatsuki's hideouts was found in the grounds of Kumo Gakure. We need trained shinobi who will act quickly and take down the enemy.

65 Tobi

Akatsuki plans to invade a 5 kage gathering, but needs help with a distraction. Your task will be to distract the enemy forces.

70 Kakashi

From the discovered Akatsuki files, it appears that another attack will be carried out on Sanbi. However, he is not the only one who hunts him. Then there's Guren, a Shoton user.

75 Anko

Many of the people in the village were once Orochimaru's guinea pigs. Although they were set free, they never experienced freedom through the diseases that followed them in their later lives. Anko herself belonged to such people, so she decided to invent a serum that would allow her to heal the resulting diseases after the experiments.

75 Kabuto

Danzou's death is convenient for all of us. His body is an ideal test subject, since he has sharingan and Hashirama cells. I need his DNA, guarded by Tobi's friends ...

80 Ritoru

Centuries ago, in the Land of Iron, there was a village famous for using chakra to invent immortality. Hearing after them was suddenly lost, and additionally the icy climate discouraged the locals from seeking the truth.

80 Mei Terumi

One of the islands is particularly dangerous, therefore it harms tourist attractions and affects the image of the entire water country.

80 Mei Terumi

The venom of the largest spiders is the main source of income for the village due to its lethal properties that are used for poisoned weapons. The last scout group did not return from the mission, so your task will be to collect the deadly venom.

B rank missions are available from Chunin rank.
80 Tsunade

Recently, information has been circulating about an unknown opponent in a white mask who hovers within the five shinobi countries. Be ready to attack and support the village with your strength during the invasion.

85 Kakashi

Experienced shinobi decided to challenge you to a duel.

90 Madara

The mistakes of the past make themselves felt. A red-haired boy appeared on the horizon, who oddly enough looks very much like Madara. Without going into details, he wanted him dead.

95 Ritoru

Ritor's recent investigations indicate that there is about to be an attack by demons. We need the best units that are able to defend the shinobi world. To prove your worth, fight against Ritoru's dragon - Shosuro.

95 Madara

The power of the Uchiha deities was sealed in one of the NinJutsu temples that was initiated by Indra Otsutsuki. Your task will be to free the souls of these deities.

98 Madara

Uchiha could not come to terms with the defeat he once experienced during the duel with Ritoru. He decided to order his murder.

100 Boruto

The Otsutsuki clan poses a threat not only to the leaf village, but to all shinobi nations. Interviewing this time is not an option and the only thing that can be done is to eliminate their members.

110 Shion

You need the strongest units to fight the demons. Shion has to make sure you are able to undertake this task ... by fighting her.

115 Shion

Save the shinobi world from the demon invasion. We need to hit them immediately and seal Kazuma while he is still in the red sky dimension.

120 Sasuke

Strange incidents take place within the Land of Fire. Humans, completely deprived of their own will, are transformed into human bombs and then sent to Konoha. Find the perpetrator before the case gets out of hand.

125 Shikamaru

It has been reported the formation of a new criminal group that has set up its headquarters in the Land of Silence. Our task is to identify the commander of this group and then eliminate the threat.

130 Boruto

One of the defensive elements in the village is an old machine, designed back in the times of Orochimaru. Wearing the name "Mecha Naruto", Boruto fears that at some point the machine will lose control of itself and start attacking the village.

A rank missions are available from Jounin rank.
135 Boruto

One of the three Otsutsuki responsible for defeating Toneri on the moon is Urashiki Otsutsuki. Wielding a mystical fishing rod that drains the target's chakra, it is a dangerous opponent. Boruto suspects Urashiki is collecting this chakra for some greater purpose, so he must be stopped.

140 Ryuzetsu

Ryuzetsu's former friend Muku was taken over by Satori's demonic chakra. By taking control of the prison square, he cut off the road to the rest of the prisoners.

145 Yugao

A report was received on the prisoners' attempt to escape from the blood prison. The group, known as the "Mujina bandits", are planning a major action in which they plan to blow up the prison and free all prisoners.

150 Sai

The southern parts of the Land of Fire are mostly caves. We have received information that in some of them there have appeared very dangerous individuals who, kindly, will never leave them, posing a threat to merchants and other people who travel along these routes.

155 Sai

The incidents that occur in the southern part of the land are known. People are kidnapped and then their hearing disappears. Related facts suggest that the whole thing is backed by none other than Hiruko - Kakashi's former acquaintance.

160 Mitsuki

Mitsuki decided to find out the truth about who he is. The only clue for this moment is Orochimaru's secret laboratory, where he keeps his most dangerous experiments.

165 Mecha Ao

Ao miraculously survived the explosion of Juubi's bijuudama, which devastated the sensor division, killing many shinobi. However, there was no chance here - Ao forced Mabui to use the teleportation technique on him, leaving others to die, losing two limbs in the process.

170 Shojoji

Shojoji mentioned meeting the secret organization "Kara" during one of the raids. Without revealing details, he revealed where they probably had their hiding place.

175 Shojoji

The group of hooded figures who led the attack on the same target as Mujina's bandits were carried out by a short figure with a V pattern on its face. They called him Victor.

S rank missions are available from Sanin rank.
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