This is a science pioneered by the god of the shinobi world, Hagoromo Otsutsuki. Created to bring peace and understanding, it was later transformed into NinJutsu, which served as a weapon during the shinobi wars. The old teachings, however, have not been completely forgotten, and there are still people who would like to pass them on from generation to generation. Learning requires 300000 chakra controls and five training paths per level 100.

Factor 1: Non-physical damage increased by (Level * 100) points.

Factor 2: Max chakra increased by (Level * 5) points.

  • We become a mentor to others, granting each team member an additional 100% skill points during training, if this takes place during a fight.

The techniques train the level of Ninshu. Each level of Ninshu increases the maximum level of NinJutsu by one level. Maximum Ninshuu Level 150. Each level of Ninshu additionally increases chakra by (Lvl Ninshu) points and non-physical damage by (Lvl Ninshu * 50) points.

Icon Name Description Chakra W/C

We bond with our teammates. Their health grows by (Lvl NinJutsu * 350), regenerating their health every second with our health regeneration. Team members must be in the same area for the effect to take place.

30/sec 0/5
Banbutsu Sozo

After using the technique, we will create chakra out of nothingness. After pressing the Q button, we will create the will of the selected Bijuu, inserting it into our soul, becoming its owner for the next 10 minutes. Each 10 seconds of technique is required for one tail.

100/sec 0/60
Bijuu Tenso Jutsu

We transfer our Bijuu to another user, if that user does not have Bijuu.

Original Effect: In U mode, we transfer our Bijuu to another user, receiving his former Bijuu.

100*Bijuu 60/60
Chakra Tenso Jutsu

We connect our chakra and energy with people from the team. Their chakra and energy increases by (Lvl NinJutsu * 3), and their chakra and energy regeneration by (Lvl NinJutsu). Team members must be in the same area for the effect to take place.

50/sec 0/5
Reika no Jutsu

After use, we can enter the name of the person to who we will immediately teleport, regenerating our barrier and his barrier, increasing it by (Lvl NinJutsu * 350) for the next 15 seconds.

1000 0/5
Yin Yang

Ashura (Yang) reincarnation: We apply the Yang seal, causing our touch to regenerate all ally's health points, removing paralysis, stun, and time damage, and in case of unconsciousness, we save the ally.

Indra Reincarnation (Yin): Our attacks are imbued with Yin's seal for 15 seconds, inducing poison, taking nonphysical damage value every second for 5 seconds.

The technique will only work if you are an Ashura / Indra Reincarnation.

0 0/5
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