The Host is absorbed Otsutsuki Personality, which simply protects us. We gain specifically bonus depending on Host got. We absorb Personality of defeated Otsutsuki upon activation of Kama. The host takes control over our body upon being unconsciousness, this causes restore of our Max HP and Chakra. This effect has 10 minutes of cooldown.

Otsutsuki Momoshiki

Increases every type of Damage by (Kama Lvl * 100).

Otsutsuki Kinshiki

Increases Armour and Barrier by (Kama Lvl * 300). 

Otsutsuki Isshiki

Increases Max HP and his regeneration by (Kama Lvl * 500).

Otsutsuki Toneri

Increases Max Chakra and his regeneration by (Kama Lvl * 5). 

Otsutsuki Urashiki

Increases Max Energy and his regeneration by (Kama Lvl * 5).

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