This is one of the activities for which we will receive a prize. The shinobi world is under constant attack by numerous enemy units, which is why the task of shinobi is to defend the area against hostile invasion. The elimination of all objectives will result in passing the rollover, and thus receiving a reward, and 5% of the necessary experience to the next level, if we have below the suggested rollover level. The raid lasts 15 minutes, or until units are eliminated. Up to three raids simultaneously. The place is random.

List of raids

Mujina Gang - Suggested level:150.

Reward: Gelel Stone, 30 Runic shards, 1300 Ryo.

Urashiki's return - Suggested level: 140.

Reward: Gelel Stone, 25 Runic shards, 1000 Ryo.

Otsutsuki invasion - Suggested level: 130.

Reward: Gelel Stone, 20 Runic shards, 800 Ryo.

Road to Ninja - Suggested level: 110.

Reward: Runic Stone 15 Runic shards, 500 Ryo.

Kyuubi Attack - Suggested level: 100.

Reward: Runic Stone, 10 Runic shards, 300 Ryo.

Edo Tensei Duo - Suggested level: 70.

Reward: Runic Stone, Runic shards, 250 Ryo.

Sound Four - Suggested level: 30.

Reward: Runic Stone, 100 Ryo.

Sabaku siblings - Suggested level: 20.

Reward: Runic Stone, 50 Ryo.

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