This is the status of our item, weapon, clothing, or kekkei genkai. Thanks to the increased uniqueness, the item becomes more valuable, and its skills provide additional bonuses.

1. Broken - Gray

This is the lowest level we can get in an item. It results in lowering statistics, and ultimately blocking individual skills that we could gain thanks to it.

Weapons: Damage reduced by half.

Clothing: Defense reduced by half.

2. Average - White

The usual form of an item containing the stats and usage listed. It is most common during regular drops from missions or enemies.

3.Enhanced - Blue 

Rare item form achieved by training or using skills. It also has little chance from missions or enemies. Contains additional statistics, and his skills may differ from the basic ones.

Weapons: Damage increased by 5%.

Clothing: Defense increased by 5%.

4. Rare - Yellow

The unique item significantly increases the stats of the item, being one of the best types in the game.

Weapons: Damage increased by 10%.

Clothing: Defense increased by 10%.

5. Legendary - Bronze

The highest level of uniqueness of the item. It is almost impossible to get it, and having such an item equates to great fame and additional bonuses.

Weapons: Damage increased by 15%.

Clothing: Defense increased by 15%.

6. Original Owner Kit - Green

This is the original equipment used by the character. It is the most powerful development of an object we can achieve.

Weapons: Damage increased by 20%.

Clothing: Defense increased by 20%.

Additionally: When you have full original equipment (Clothes, Pants, Shoes, Weapons), you get a bonus depending on the clothes you wear.

7. The Cursed - Violet 

Through unique seals and advanced methods of increasing the strength of items, we are able to create items that punish us while giving us bonuses. 

We lose 10% of the maximum health for each cursed item, increasing chakra and its regeneration by (Number of curses * 100). Mutation tolerance increases by (Number of Curses * 10)%.

Weapons: Damage increased by 20%.

Clothing: Defense increased by 20%.

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