Naruto New World English Wiki

We will gain access to the Rikudo techniques if:

  • We are Juubi's Jinchuuriki.
  • Rikudo SenJtsu mode active.
  • Tenseigan Chakra mode active.
Icon Name Description Chakra W/C
Rikudo Chakra We must be Juubi's Jinchuuriki. If you haven't taken damage for 5 seconds, you regenerate all health. 50/sec 0/10
Gudodama We throw six Gudodama projectiles at a specific location, dealing damage to objects (Lvl Kekkei Mora + 3500), applying 30% decay. 250 0/20
Musekiyojin We surround the area with a powerful barrier that makes it impossible to escape from the area by a natural route. 80/sec 0/60
Onmyoton Our next attacks will be filled with YinYang chakra, applying 5% decay with each attack. 80/sec 0/60
Shinju We have to be the Juubi's Jinchuuriki. We can only use the technique in January. We activate the development of the chakra fruit for the next five years. Planting the fruit removes the Juubi's Jinchuuriki. 500 60/0
Mugen Tsukuyomi A ready-made Shinju tree is required for use. We must be Juubi's Jinchuuriki. After use, collect the fruit to trigger the effect. We cast infinite tsukuyomi all over the shinobi world, making us immune to any attack in PvP forever, being able to deal damage to anyone. People with Eternal Rinnegan and Edo Tensei are immune to the technique.

Disable: Create a team between Ashura's prophecy and Indra while the owner of the technique is present in the same area.

500 60/0
Amenominaka Rinne Sharingan must be equipped to use. We teleport all people in the area with us to one of the dimensions. 100 0/10