We will gain access to the Rikudo techniques if:

  • We are Juubi Jinchuuriki.
  • We got prophecy of Ashura or Indra, max level + we are Jinchuuriki or we have Bijuu Will or we have Eternal Rinnegan.
  • Active Tenseigan Chakra mode and max level.

The use of Rikudo techniques trains Kekkei Mora. With Rikudo Chakra active, the damage increases by (Lvl Kekkei Mora * 100), and the maximum chakra by (Lvl Kekkei Mora) points.

Icon Name Description Chakra W/C
Rikudo Chakra

We are immune to non-physical damage. We are only affected by physical damage, or non-physical damage during Ten no Juin or SenJutsu. Depending on the requirements met, we will enter a specific mode.


We must be Juubi's Jinchuuriki. Every few seconds we are paralyzed and the current chakra is suddenly discharged by uncontrolled Rikudo chakra.


We have to be Juubi's Jinchuuriki and have 10 Lvl Kekkei Mora. We control Rikudo's chakra, additionally dealing 1/10 of the maximum health with each attack.


We have to be Juubi's Jinchuuriki and have 30 Lvl Kekkei Mora. If we haven't received any damage for 5 seconds, we regenerate all health.

Original Effect: Releases one mode lock: Rikudo, Tenseigan, Bijuu.

50/sec 0/10

We can only use one Gudodama mode at the same time.


On the Q button we increase the barrier by (Lvl Kekkei Mora * 500) points.


On the E button, throw three Gudodam missiles to a specific place, dealing (Lvl Kekkei Mora * 500) damage to objects.


On the R button, we transform Gudodama into a weapon, thanks to which our physical attacks deal additional (Lvl Kekkei Mora * 500) damage.

50/sec 0/3

We surround the area with a huge barrier that makes it impossible to escape from the area by a natural path.

80/sec 0/3

Our next attacks will be filled with YinYang chakra, causing it to stop the opponent's health and chakra regeneration for 5 seconds.

80/sec 0/3

We are activating the development of chakra fruit for the next 100 years. Can be summoned once every 100 years.


Mugen Tsukuyomi

Requires at least 9000 Shinju Forge Points to use. We must be Juubi's Jinchuuriki. We throw infinite tsukuyomi across the shinobi world, making us immune to any attack in PvP forever and able to deal damage to anyone. People with the Eternal Rinnegan and Edo Tensei are RESISTANT to the technique.

Deactivation: Formation of a team between Ashura's prophecy and Indra while the user is present in the same area.

3000 60/0

The Rinne Sharingan must be worn for use. We teleport all people on the area with us to one of the dimensions.

100 0/10
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