Rinnegan is an advanced Kekkei Genkai that is derived from Rikudo Senin himself. It allows us to master and use the 5 basic natures of chakra and Rinnegan techniques.

The Rinnegan techniques train the level of Kekkei Mora. With a Rinnegan equipped, the damage increases by (Lvl Kekkei Mora * 8) and the maximum chakra by (Lvl Kekkei Mora) points. We are given access to the path of Samsara.


The path of Samsara allows us to use black rods to fight, which we trigger during physical attacks, and throw ranged damage. Each attack hit will take away 10% of the opponent's current chakra, destabilizing their chakra for the next 5 seconds, blocking chakra regeneration.


Triggering instability when the target has less than half of their maximum chakra has a 10% chance to disable enemy modes.

As the path of Samsara, we can create rods using Chakra Control and then hammer into our body, taking 5% of maximum health for each rod driven in, gaining (Lvl Kekkei Mora * Rod) maximum chakra. Finishing the shinobi with the black Samsara rod on, will destroy it, turning the slain body into one of the 6 bodies that are written on our character as a summon, including ...

  • The appearance of a firm person, if he has a Ninja way. Otherwise, it will get the default Rinnegan path appearance.
  • The most powerful type of damage.
  • Maximum health of a hit person.

We can only have one body of a strong person with the same appearance. We can delete the selected path with the command /usun(nr). Each active path consumes 5% of your current chakra every second. We can recall a track by entering the track number in the chat if it has no cooldown. The death of each path blocks its recall for the next 10 minutes.


In order to use Rinnegan's techniques, we must be the path of Samsara. 

Icon Name Description Chakra W/C Range
Bansho Ten'in

We attract the chosen target to us, dealing (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 500) damage and imposing destabilization.


With the Eternal Rinnegan, using the technique will draw all objects in range towards us, dealing damage value.

150 0/5 15
Shinra Tensei

We increase the strength of Shinra Tensei, losing 150 chakra points every second, up to the maximum value of 10 seconds. We can activate the technique on the Q button at any time, pushing enemies in range and dealing ((Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 500) * seconds) of damage.

150 0/5 5 + (Sec * 5)
Fujutsu Kyuin

We create a barrier that absorbs incoming non-physical damage by blocking (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 15) damage by attaching it to our barrier for the next 10 seconds.

Original Effect: Duration of the assumed value increased to 30 seconds. Does not interrupt the effect while moving.

100/sec 0/5 1

If our target has less than half of its maximum chakra, we drain his soul and kill him immediately.

300 5/60 3

We modify our body, causing melee attacks to shoot projectiles forward, and also shoot projectiles towards the target, dealing (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 350) damage to each of them.

100/sec 0/5 15

We control active summons with black rods, increasing their health and damage by (Stuck rods * 10)%. 

500 0/5 Max

We're resetting the cooldown of all paths.

500 5/60 Max
Chibaku Tensei

We designate a place where everything in the area will start to be attracted, dealing every second ((30% of maximum health) / meters) damage. The effect lasts for 30 seconds.


With the Eternal Rinnegan, using the technique will create magnetizing fields from objects within 10 meters, taking away (Lvl Kekkei Genkai / 3)% of their current health every second, drawing everything together, and duplicating the Chibaku Tensei effect.

1000 5/60 Max
Tengai Shinsei

We hit the ground with a meteor, tearing everyone on the ground, dealing (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 10000) damage. While performing the technique, you can see a falling meteor.

1000 5/60 Max
Gedo Rinne Tense

We revive a person by aging by 30 years. The age counter is reactivated.

1000 60/60 Max
Pain Rikudo

We direct all summoned paths to the selected target, so that they jump to him, hammering rods into his body, taking (10% * Number of paths) of the target's maximum health, and applying destabilization.

1000 5/60 Max
Gedo Mazo

Having 15 rods stuck in the body, we summon the statue of Gedo Mazo, which sends the sealing dragon towards the target with each attack, taking 25% of the target's maximum chakra with each attack, and in the absence of chakra, it will immediately devour his soul, killing him.

300/sec 5/60 Max
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