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The Sarutobi clan,  using their knowledge of the nature of the chakra, deals massive damage to their enemies.

Factor 1: Non-physical damage increased by (Level * 100) points.

Factor 2: Max health increased by (Level * 350) points.

The Sarutobi clan can easily learn all basic natures of chakra. The core chakra natures grant us an extra three training points when training skills. Non-physical damage increases by (Lvl Nature * 50) for each basic chakra nature.

Icon Name Description Chakra W/C Range

We release several three meters wide fireballs in front of us, dealing (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 150) + (Lvl Katon * 150) damage.

10 0/5 15

We cover our weapons with the Fuuton element, increasing physical damage by (Lvl Fuuton * 150) points. Additionally, with each third hit, we will deal additional (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 350) damage.


0/5 1

We release a huge dose of gunpowder, paralyzing everyone in the range for 5 seconds, dealing (Lvl Doton * 350) damage.


Three seconds later, the area explodes, dealing damage within (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 500). 

30 0/10 10
Odama Rasengan

Selecting a target will move you to it and then deal (Lvl Fuuton * 350) damage to objects within range.

50 0/5 10

With Enma, we paralyze objects in range for 5 seconds, dealing (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 500) damage.

80 0/10 10
Enyo Fusatsu

We paralyze the selected target, draining 30% of its maximum chakra and 30% of energy every second, dealing (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 350) damage. The movement will break the effect.

Original Effect: Movement does not interrupt the effect.

20/sec 3/30 10