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The Senju clan has a special wood manipulation ability, which is additionally one of the strongest kekkei genkai in the entire Shinobi world.

Factor 1: Max health increased by (Level * 500) points.

Factor 2: Max shield increased by (Level * 350) points.

People of the Senju clan have Hashirama Cells . Maximum health is increased by (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 350) points. Thanks to the amazing vitality, we are resistant to all diseases.


If we have SenJutsu, natural energy is drawn naturally from the environment, so we get 5 points of natural energy for each use of any technique. The stone effect stops working on us.

Icon Name Description Chakra W/C Range

The next attack will be avoided, regenerating on the block 1/3 of the barrier.

30 0/5 1
Moku Bunshin

We create three clones that have a x8 multiplier of health and x5 of our attack. Destroying one of the clones regenerates the entire barrier.

30 0/10 1

Active Sage Mode required. We paralyze and silence the selected target for 5 seconds.

Original Effect: Does not require active Sage Mode.

150 3/15 5

We direct the wooden dragon to a specific place, which will deal damage to objects up to 10 meters nearby (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 500) and paralyze them with its tails for 5 seconds.

80 2/5 10
Kakuan Nitten Suishu

We disable enemy modes. When used on summons, it sends them back. It bypasses the barrier.

100 5/60 3
Shin Susenju

We stand on the statue, causing our attacks to be self-healing projectiles with a speed higher by (Lvl Kekkei Genkai), dealing (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 350) damage. Barrier is increased by (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 350).


Using the technique again, we will cover all objects in the area with thousands of hits, dealing additional (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 350) damage to each of them.

50/sec 0/3 15