Training is a basic activity that we should pay special attention to at the beginning of the game. It consists in using techniques or hand-to-hand combat, thus developing skills, and thus the damage dealt. Each new skill level gives us one empty scroll . For training techniques, a technique cooldown of greater than or equal to 3 seconds is required. Empty scrolls can also be used for Technique Training .

TaiJutsu, KenJutsu

TaiJutsu and KenJutsu are skills that deal with physical damage. Their training is hand-to-hand combat, dealing damage at close range.


BukiJutsu is a skill that deals distance damage. The training is about ranged combat, using ranged or thrown weapons like shurikens, kunais and other.


This is the main skill that deals with non-physical damage. Training involves the use of any technique. Additionally, it develops the amount of chakra.

Kekkei Genkai

This is a skill that deals with non-physical damage. Training involves the use of clan techniques or bloodline related techniques. Additionally, it develops the amount of chakra. Responsible for activating clan items and items related to the bloodline.

Chakra natures

Developing chakra natures skills allows you to deal more damage with a specific nature type. Chakra natures always deal non-physical damage and add a Chakra Nature skill bonus.


There are many other skills that are relevant to a particular specialization, clan, or chakra nature. Their operation is similar to the factors above - increasing the attack value and additional bonuses for a higher skill level.

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