Naruto New World English Wiki

We divide missions into three types. There are story missions that are based on the original story of the Naruto manga, side missions containing your own story and fillers,  daily missions that are daily rotating tasks, depending on our experience level, and escort missions , consisting in escorting a specific person to a designated place.

Part I: NARUTO[]

1. Talk to Iruka.

2. Get to the bandit cave.

3. Defeat Mizuki.

4. Pass the Genin test.

5. Defeat Kakashi in the training ground.

6. Accept the daily quest from Tsunade.

7. Pick up Tazuna at the eastern bridge.

8. Defeat the Demon Brothers on your way.

9. Get to the port of the Land of Fire.

10. Save Inari.

11. Talk to Inari.

12. Get to the Land of Waves.

13. Get to the Great Naruto Bridge.

14. Protect Tazuna by defeating Zabuza and Haku.

15. Sign up for the Chunnin Exam with Anko.

16. Defeat Kin.

17. Defeat Orochimaru.

18. Find and defeat Shigure.

19. Talk to the InoShikaCho team.

20. Save Sakura by defeating Zaku.

21. Defeat Dosu.

22. Talk to Kabuto about leaving the forest of death.

23. Defeat the real Oboro.

24. Give the heaven and earth scroll to Ibiki in the tower.

25. Enter the exam arena of the third part of the exams.

26. Talk to Hayate and then defeat Kiba and Akamaru.

27. Talk to Hayate and then defeat Rock Lee.

28. Talk to Hayate and then defeat Neji.

29. Go after Gaara and then stop him.

30. Protect the village from Orochimaru's attack with the help of others.

31. Talk with Jiraiya.

32. Use Oiroke no Jutsu on Jiraiya.

33. Check the report about the two Akatsuki members on the bridge near the village.

34. Repel Itachi and Kisame's attack.

35. Find Tsunade in Tanzaku Village.

36. Finish off the thugs.

37. Stop Kabuto.

38. Join the Sannin fight by repelling Orochimaru's attack.

39. Visit Sasuke in the hospital.

40. Defeat Sasuke on the roof of the hospital.

41. Follow Sasuke by defeating Jirobo.

42. Defeat Tayuya on your way.

43. Defeat Sakon on your way.

44. Defeat Kidomaru on your way.

45. Save Rock Lee from Kimmimaro.

46. ​​Get to the Valley of the End.

47. Defeat Sasuke.

48. Talk to Jiraiya about the S-rank secret mission.

49. Reach the rank of Chunin.


50. Meet Sakura and Konohamaru at the village gate.

51. Talk to Kakashi about training.

52. Defeat Kakashi in the Konoha training ground.

53. Accept the mission to rescue the Kazekage from Tsunade.

54. Go to Suna Gakure to meet Temari.

55. Save Gaara from Akatsuki by defeating Sasori at Hiruko.

56. Collect medicine for Kankurou from Chiyo.

57. Defeat a 30% copy of Kisame.

58. Defeat a 30% copy of Itachi.

59. Destroy the Akatsuki base gate.

60. Kill Sasori.

61. Catch up with Deidara by avoiding traps.

62. Take Gaara's body from Deidara.

63. Talk to Chiyo about the forbidden technique.

64. Talk to Temari.

65. Talk to the new team captain: Yamato.

66. Defeat Sai.

67. Use Yamato to turn into Sasori at the Bridge of Heaven and Earth, then talk to Kabuto.

68. Defeat Orochimaru on the Bridge of Heaven and Earth.

69. Follow Orochimaru to his hideout.

70. Defeat Sasuke on the training ground in Orochimaru's hideout.

71. Search for the body of the missing Yugito Nia.

72. Find the Ryo body swap.

73. Protect Asuma from Hidan and Kakuzu.

74. Finish off Hidan and Kakuzu in the old forest.

75. Tell Kurenai about Asuma's death.

76. Kill Orochimaru in his hideout.

77. Recruit Suigetsu to your side.

78. Recruit Karin to your side.

79. Recruit Juugo to your side.

80. Kill Deidara in the forests of Konoha.

81. Get to Ame Gakure.

82. Search for information about the Akatsuki leader in the local bar.

83. Get to the sewers of Ame Gakure.

84. Defeat Pain's three bodies.

85. Report to Tsunade.

86. Talk to your summoning trainer (Jiraiya, Orochimaru, Tsunade or Konohamaru).

87. Talk to the sage of your summon (Frog, Snake, Snail or Monkey).

88. Kill Itachi in the old Uchiha clan stronghold.

89. Hunt Killer Bee in Unraikyo.

90. Learn about Jiraiya from Tsunade.

91. Destroy three Pain bodies in the Konoha Market during the attack.

92. Help Kakashi destroy Shurado.

93. Help the Hyuuga clan destroy Jigokudo.

94. Defeat Tendo on the roof of the hospital.

95. Catch up and then destroy the Tendo in the Land of Fire.

96. Reach the heights of the Land of Fire.

97. Enter Nagato's cave.

98. Talk to Nagato.

99.  Reach the rank of Jounin.

100. Learn about Danzou from Kakashi.

101. Meet Karui at the abandoned house.

102. Get to the Land of Iron.

103. Talk to Raikage.

104. Get to the meeting building of the 5 Kage.

105. Defeat the Raikage.

106. Stop Sasuke and White Zetsu's attack.

107. Talk to Sakura in the Land of Iron.

108. Save Killer Bee from Kisame in the Land of Iron.

109. Get to the Blue Samurai Bridge.

110. Defeat Fu and Torune.

111. Kill Danzou.

112. Get under the Blue Samurai Bridge.

113. Save Sakura from Sasuke.

114. Go to Jinchuuriki Island.

115. Talk to Killer Bee on Jinchuuriki Island.

116. Reach the waterfall of truth.

117. Kill Kisame.

118. Try to thwart Yamato's kidnapping attempt on Jinchuuriki Island.

119. Defeat Tobi in the sewers of Ame Gakure.

120. Seal Kinkaku and Ginkaku.

121. Seal Itachi and Nagato with the Edo Tensei.

122. Get to Gaara's Division.

123. Seal 4 ex-Kages.

124. Get to Gaara and Oonoki.

125. Survive the fight with Madara Edo Tensei.

126. Find Kabuto's hideout.

127. Defeat Kabuto and remove the Edo Tensei technique.

128. Find Tobi in the forests of the Land of the Wind by defeating the Jinchuuriki.

129. Defeat the former Jinchuuriki in Bijuu form.

130. Defeat Tobi and destroy his mask revealing his identity.

131. Get to Kabuto Cave.

132. Free Orochimaru from Anko's cursed seal.

133. Get to the ruins of the Uzumaki clan.

134. Help Orochimaru free the souls of former Hokage.

135. Reach Naruto and United Shinobi.

136. Destroy Juubi's chakra summons.

137. Hurt Juubi.

138. Get to the dimension with Kakashi.

139. Kill Obito.

140. Reach the former Hokage during Obito's transformation into Juubi's Jinchuuriki.

141. Defeat Obito Jinchuuriki.

142. Defeat the revived Madara.

143. Defeat Madara Jinchuuriki.

144. Get out of the lava dimension.

145. Get out of the ice dimension.

146. Get out of the desert dimension.

147. Seal Black Zetsu.

148. Eliminate Kaguya.

149. Talk to Sasuke.

150. Defeat Sasuke.


151. Talk to Kakashi about the impending threat from the moon.

152. Get to the Hyuuga clan.

153. Stop Otsutsuki Kugutsu from taking Hinata.

154. Find the cave of memories in the country of iron.

155. Destroy the giant crab.

156. Find an abandoned city in Iwa.

157. Enter the Ancient Chamber.

158. Get to the moon palace.

159. Find Hinata in the moon palace and then free her.

160. Defeat Toneri Otsutsuki on the moon.

161. Go with Sarada to find Sasuke's hideout.

162. Defeat Shin Uchiha on the way to the hideout.

163. Get to the hideout and talk to Sasuke.

164. Repel an enemy attack.

165. Find Orochimaru's hideout and then talk to him.

166. Go to Shin's dimension.

167. Defeat 20 Shin in three minutes.

168. Defeat Shin Uchiha's main experiment.

169. Get to the dimension with Kaguya's castle.

170. Find Kaguya's information scroll by fending off Kinshiki's attack.

171. Talk to Naruto about the information you got.

172. Stop the Otsutsuki invasion.

173. Get to the Otsutsuki dimension.

174. Kill Kinshiki.

175. Destroy Momoshiki Otsutsuki.

176. Accept the Tento escort mission from Naruto.

177. Escort Tento to the designated location.

178. Defeat Shojoji.

179. Learn about Kara from Sasuke.

180. Train with Naruto on the battlefield.

181. Talk to an old friend on the Konoha train.

182. Find the crashed airship.

183. Defeat Mecha Ao.

184. Get to the container.

185. Kill Garou.

186. Talk to Kawaki.

187. Escort Kawaki to the Lost Fire.

188. Defeat Delta.

189. Talk to Naruto.

190. Examine the ancestral table in the Otsutsuki dimension.

191. Survive the fight with Jigen.

192. Get to the sealed Naruto.

193. Defeat Boro.

194. Free Naruto from the sealed vessel.

195. Interrogate Amado in the Konoha police building.

196. Get to Kara's hideout.

197. Deactivate Delta.

198. Get to the throne room.

199. Kill Jigen.

200. Get to Konoha.

201. Stop Isshiki's invasion of Konoha.

202. Talk to Kawaki about the teleport to Boruto.

203. Defeat Borushiki.

204. Get to the Boro Machinery.

205. Talk to Eida.

206. Get to the forest of four snows.

207. Defeat Code.

208. Get to the Snow Fortress.

209. Defeat Eida and Daemon.

210. Find Code.

211. Defeat the Unleashed Code.

212. Check on Naruto.

213. Catch up with Kawaki.

214. Stop Kawashiki.

215. Use Naruto Coordination.

216. Defeat Naruto.

217. Defeat Baryon Naruto.


218. Get to Konoha.

219. Stop the Juubi's spawn.

220. Defeat Hrabia Code.