Naruto New World English Wiki

Structures are private or public properties that contain certain bonuses for the level of the structure, intended depending on the type for a private person or organization/role. There are two types of structures. The first is private, intended for one person who benefits from the structure level, and the second, public, intended for people with the same organization/role.

The maximum structure level is level 10. Each structure contains its own unique bonus, which gets stronger as you level up. To purchase a structure that does not have an owner, right-click on the structure and then select "Buy". Structure ownership time is 100 game days, requiring the role owner/role member to hit one experience level to reset the timer back to 100 days. If a structure's ownership time expires, the structure will be lost and its level reset.

Private structures[]

To put your private structure up for sale with a profit of 50%, select the "Sell" option. You must be in the game at the same time for the buyer to buy the structure from you. To cancel the sale of your private structure, use the "Cancel sale" option. When you buy a private structure, you get the current level of the structure and full ownership of the structure.

Public structures[]

Public structures are owned by the organization/role, and act on every person in the organization/role. Any person meeting this requirement has the right to improve the public structure. Public structures cannot be put up for sale.

Clan structures[]

Clan structures are owned by people from the selected clan, and they work for every person in the clan. Each person who meets these requirements has the right to improve the clan structure. Clan structures cannot be put up for sale.


It is available from 100 experience level. Select the "Sabotage" option, which will require you to stay in the same place for (10 * Structure Level) minutes. This option can be used with a minimum of 5 people online. Sabotage lowers the development level of the structure by 1 level. WE CAN sabotage structures belonging to the same organization/role.