Naruto New World English Wiki

It is a set of rules and values ​​that village commanders have established by signing wars, alliances, territorial ordinances and industry.

Development points[]

These points are acquired by shinobi from the selected village while completing side missions, dungeons, raids, wanted letters and escorts. Development points allow you to develop your village in three areas, where each of them develops different functions of the village. The development of the village is done by the Kage, or the village leader. To add a point to the selected domain, right-click on the village. Developing the selected field by one level will cost us 100 development points. The maximum level of each discipline is 250. The effect works on us if we are village leader or Kage.


He is responsible for the technological development and finances of the village.

  • Selling loot grants you an additional (Rank) ryo.


Responsible for contacts with the rest of the world. Better political status grants us bonuses depending on geographical location.

  • Buying land is cheaper by (Rank * 10) ryo.


Responsible for adapting shinobi to combat.

  • Experience and training granted is increased by (Rank)%.


Terrain moral is given to each captured terrain, with a default value of 100%. This value decreases when:

  • Stealing files from the Kage's office and then using them in a captured area causes a morale drop of 50%. Stealing Files has a cooldown of 60 minutes. In order to steal, you need to approach the desk in the Kage's office and then use the interaction. The theft lasts 300 seconds, during which we cannot move. The theft can be carried out with a minimum of 100 experience level, requires Kage activity in the game, and 5 people online.
  • Not stopping an invasion reduces morale of the area by 10%.
  • A stopped invasion in an area increases morale by 100%.

When land morale drops to 0, the target village loses land. Off-road morale is automatically refreshed every game week by 100%.

Conquering territories[]

It is possible to be Kage. To buy a free piece of land, right-click on the piece of land on the World Map . The cost of buying the land is 15,000 Ryo and 100 village development points. You can only conquer territories that are adjacent to an already occupied territory. The experience gained in the areas belonging to our village is increased by 30%.

PvP zone of the captured area[]

As a village leader, we can determine the type of PvP zone of our area. You can change the zone type once per minute. Changing the PvP zone costs 100 development points.


It is possible to start a war by being the Kage of another village. To start a war, right-click on an occupied area on the world map. The war will then begin for a period of 15 game days. Any village can participate in the war. By staying in an area where there is a war, we fill the progress bar controlling the area. After all this time, our village will become the controller of the area. If there are people from different villages in the area, the progress bar will only start filling up when people from the same village remain in the area. After the number of war days, the village that controls the area will receive the area.

Taking over a village[]

If we take over the main area of ​​the village, the village is officially taken over. All the inhabitants of the captured village are attached to the new owner, while the Kage loses his rank.

Reflection of the village[]

To restore a captured village on the world map, you must kill the current Kage of the captured village. This puts the village back on the map, and the Kage who lost the village earlier automatically becomes its Kage.