It is a set of rules and values ​​that village commanders set by signing wars, alliances, territorial ordinances and industry.

Development points

These points are acquired by shinobi from a selected village during side missions, dungeons, raids, arrest warrants and escorts. Development points allow us to develop our village in three areas, where each of them develops different village functions. Kage, or the village leader, deals with the development of the village. To add a point to the selected field, we must go to Minato. Developing a chosen field by one degree will cost us 100 development points. The maximum level of each field is 100 level.


Responsible for technological development and village finance.

  • Store prices are reduced by (Grade * 50) ryo for items over 1000 ryo.
  • Sale of items gives us an additional (Grade * 10) ryo for selling items.
  • Village Kage charges taxes, receiving 30% of the amount paid by shinobi in the store when is available


Responsible for contacts with the rest of the world. Better political status gives us bonuses depending on geographical location.

  • Fast travel is available to the occupied areas of our village for a fee of 500 - (Grade * 10) ryo.
  • Fast travel is available to foreign areas at a fee of 1000 - (Grade * 10) ryo.
  • Village Kage charges taxes, receiving 30% of the amount paid by shinobi during fast travel when is available.


Responsible for the combat status of our village and adaptation of shinobi to combat.

  • The draw of combat units strength during territorial defense increases by (Grade * 10)%.
  • Experience granted to shinobi from our village is increased by (Grade)%.
  • Training awarded to shinobi from our village is increased by (Grade)%


  • Kage Killing = -50 village development points
  • Assassination of shinobi villages / Death as a result of combat = -10 village development points

Zdobywanie terenów

It is possible being Kage. To buy free space, click the Right Mouse Button in the World Map area. The cost of buying the land is 10,000 Ryo and 100 village development points. You can only capture areas that are next to an already occupied area.


It is possible to start a war if you are Kage od Village Leader. To start a war, right click on the occupied area of ​​the world map while currently on it. The war will then begin for a three-day game period, summoning allied and enemy units that will fight each other. Any village can participate in the war over the area. Killing 100 units by a selected person will grant 1 village point to our village during the battle for terrain. After three days, the village with the most war points will receive the area. Only one war can be fought at a time.

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