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The Yamanaka clan specializes in techniques that affect the target's mind.

Factor 1: Max chakra increased by (Level * 15) points.

Factor 2: Max shield increased by (Level * 500) points.


Thanks to the perfect control over the mind, we increase the amount of maximum chakra by (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 5) points and chakra regeneration by (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 3) points.

Icon Name Description Chakra W/C Range
37v (1).png

We take control of an enemy shinobi, dealing (Lvl Kekkei Genkai * 350) damage to him while he moves.

30/sec 1/10 10
Yamanak22 (1).png

We take control of the enemy, thanks to which he will fight for us.


1/10 10

We split our chakra deposits within range, increasing the chakra regeneration of all team members with us by (Current Chakra).

Original Effect: The effect is global.

20/sec 0/10 Max
Yamanak4 (1).png
Kanchi Denden

We increase the barrier of the teammates with us by (Current chakra).

100/sec 0/10 Max
Ikonka kkopia.png
Shinten Kugutsu Juin

We mark the chosen enemy. The damage that you inflict on it will also be felt by objects in range.

20/sec 0/10 15

We clear the mind of an unconscious opponent by unlearning him 5 random techniques and killing him immediately.

100 3/60 3