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Yin is one of the most important currencies for character development. Defeating the boss will give you a certain amount of Yin points for killing him. Yin can be exchanged for many special items and functions. Death costs us 10% Yin. With the help of Yin points, we can use the option of developing our character through the monument of will .

Leveling Up Ninja Way[]

Eida advances our ninja way one level by taking (Road Level * 100) Yin.


This is the level that we reach by hitting the next level of experience. Death resets our power. Hitting a higher power allows us to receive unique bonuses.

Who Cost Function
- 10 Power +2% luck
- 30 Power +3% luck
Eida All Power We reset the power by granting us (Power * 100) Yin.
Eida 10 Power Grants the key to Om's Factory.